Business lunch

Fast & good are the buzzwords of the business lunch at restaurant Zur Kaiserkron. Fast – to meet the needs of numerous professionals who in the center of Bolzano seek for an exclusive place where the work routine can be prolonged by the meal, turning into a pleasant and productive break.

Good – because although at midday we offer a small choice, we pay great attention to the creation of a balanced menu. For this purpose, we try to alternate fresh and light dishes with those more substantial. The rule is to eliminate the distinction between the first course and the second one, but to focus on the starter-dish-dessert progression.

All this with no compromises on the unmistakable style that we have built over these years in the halls of restaurant Zur Kaiserkron.

Info & Reservation

Your journey through the world of restaurant Zur Kaiserkron is over. Now, you just have to choose time for a visit and reserve a table.