At restaurant Zur Kaiserkron, dinner is a special time. It’s in the evening, in fact, that Claudio – our head chef – gives free rein to his creativity and passion for cooking.

The culinary proposal becomes, therefore, more personal and is expressed in a selected menu a la carte, accompanied by a tasting manu. This last is a perfect option even for the most refined gourmet palates, because it represents the quintessence of Claudio’s cuisine.

A cuisine characterized by an “upbeat” philosophy that aims for excellence and purity as concrete objectives.

It all begins with the choice of ingredients and raw materials, that must be excellent. The ingredient must be maintained pure in taste and its properties – for this reason, the elements og every dish are processed as little as possible.

Attention to the quality and to the essense of  ingredients means, above all, attention to the seasonality of each product. It is by following the seasonality that Claudio has developed his predilection towards the vegetable world.

Because those choosing to dine at Zur Kaiserkron know that they undertake a culinary journey, in search of the perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation, quality of the proposal and availability of the product.

This research gives life to simple but tasty dishes, made of a few ingredients, valorized in their complexity by preparation that seeks best techniques to exalt them.

All this is harmonized by the wine selection curated by Robert and by the atmosphere created by Monica. A totally exciting experience that we simply call Kaiserkron.

Info & Prenotazione

Your journey through the world of restaurant Zur Kaiserkron is over. Now, you only have to choose time for a visit and reserve a table.