A true tutelary deity of restaurant Zur Kaiserkron,
Robert Wieser is also the mind that orchestrates
selection of the restaurant's wines.

Robert’s path in the restoration starts very early, at the structures owned by his family in the Badia Valley. An apprenticeship that allows him gain variegated experiences in structures of different kinds and that culminates in management of Sport Hotel Teresa, a historic hotel of the area.

During the years, in which he is in charge, Sport Hotel Teresa lives its second youth, after the splendor of the 70s. Such a cristalline success makes the hotel owners sell it.

It is with this experience on his shoulders that in 2010 he arrives at the halls of Kaiserkron. The restaurant has been closed for a few months, and in the first six months of work, Robert is affected by a strong distrust and hostility from customers.

A tough pressure for anyone to bear. But Robert is tenacious and ambitious, and he does not lose heart. Thus, a humble work of rebuilding the customer’s confidence starts.

To help him, there is a charcoal oven Josper, with which he prepares the highly appreciated roasted cockerel. The highlight of a simple menu that Robert proposes, to regain the customer’s favor.

While, day after day, he reestablishes the relationship between the townspeople and the restuarant, Robert introduces small innovations in the structure format – such as the wine bar and a wine selection that has no equal in South Tyrol for the quality and daring choices.

After five years of work, the restaurant is back to the splendor of the past, but for Robert it has been a remarkable tour de force. Fatigued, he decides to ask for help to his sister Monica and her husband Claudio who, for some years, have been living and working in Dubai.

The two decide to return to South Tyrol to help Robert and give life to a new partnership with the aim to innovate the South Tyrolean culinary landscape.