Face and soul of restaurant Zur Kaiserkron,
Monica Wieser manages the dining room and administers the restaurant,
thanks to her long experience in the industry.

They say that those born in the mountains have a narrow vision of things. Perhaps, because of too many walls that squeeze people into a tight and protective embrace. Yet, one just have to climb up a bit, to reach the tops of the peaks and to look around, to realize that the world is vast and worth exploring.

This urge to travel has accompanied Monica Wieser throughout her entire life. Born in a family of hoteliers of the Badia Valley, Monica in South Tyrol could have had everything. Yet, she has decided to go away, leaving each shortcut behind.

In fact, at the age of 22, after having cut her teeth in the family structures, she moves to Los Angeles to work at restaurant “Valentino” managed by chef Piero Selvaggio. It is 1997 and in the USA Monica deals with the reception of customers and administration of a restaurant that serves from 250 to 300 seats a day.

As Piero likes to say: ” In the USA, we do business, in Italy – poetry”. It is shocking for Monica, but the will to succeed is stronger than any difficulty. After one year, indeed, she moves to the east coast, in New York, where she works on behalf of the Maccioni family.

During this period, she forms part of the team in charge of the opening of a restaurant in Las Vegas. It is a very tough experience. In the middle of the Nevada desert, they work 16 hours a day, the rhythms are high and require great efforts, physical and mental.

Strengthened by this experience, Monica returns to the Badia Valley, and it is here that she meets Claudio, her future husband. The two have feelings for each other, they get together and leave for Saudi Arabia.

It is 2010 and before turning back to Italy, Monica and Claudio will live nearly 5 years in the Emirates. The years during which they master the administrative and managerial aspects of restaurant management. And it with experience on their shoulders that, in 2015, they return to South Tyrol, to help Robert, Monica’s brother, in the management of restaurant Zur Kaiserkron and to give life to a new ambitious project.