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Lunch is a perfect opportunity for those who want to eat quickly, yet without renouncing the peculiarities that characterize our cuisine.


Dinner is time of the day when our passion for cooking expands in intense reflection. Find out what we have set aside for you.



A true tutelary deity of restaurant Zur Kaiserkron,
Robert Wieser is also the mind that orchestrates selection of the restaurant's wines.



Head chef of restaurant Zur Keiserkron,
Claudio Melis has left Sardinia to conquer
the world with his cuisine.



Face and soul of restaurant Zur Kaiserkron,
Monica Wieser manages the dining room and administers the restaurant,
thanks to her long experience in the industry.

Do you want to have a unique dining experience? Together with On The Table, we have prepared Dine Around – a journey to the discovery of the Bolzano culinary scene.

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